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Boat Decking Panels

PVC Synthetic Teak, Composite Cork and EVA Foam Panels


Decking Panels

What are Decking Panels?

Decking Panels are Synthetic Teak Panels that “mimic” the styling of a Traditional Teak Decks.


What are Beautiful Marine Floors Panels made of?

The majority of Panels are made of 100% PVC material especially extruded in UK for Beautiful Marine Floors. However, they may also be made of EVA Foam, Composite Cork and even patterns printed onto carpet and cut to shape.


What are ECO-Decks?

Deck Panels using the Composite Cork/Rubber Compounds are ECO-friendly alternatives.  

Why Choose a Beautiful Marine Floors Certified Fitter?

Simply peace of mind in both Fitting and Fabricating. Welders and Fabricators with years of experience and who understand the importance of correct weld temperatures and speeds. Panels are guaranteed with both the panel material AND including the weld quality with a 5 year guarantee. An example of poor heat welding showing the seam weld parting after just a few years is shown here, most likely caused by incorrect weld temperature or welding at in incorrect speeds.

So by choosing a Beautiful Marine Floors Certified Fitter you are getting the peace of mind that

1) The PVC material is UK extruded and of the highest quality

2) The Panel Welding is from a highly experienced welder