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What are Tecdeks?


Methods and Materials

Tecdeks are all made with a synthetic teak PVC decking material with a special profile that has been developed and proven over time. From experience we know the strongest decks are made using 100% Virgin PVC without any acrylic filler which reduces material strength. Any addition of recycled content tends to dull the appearance with time. Tecdeks all have a dovetail underside which creates a larger surface area and mechanical locking bond for better adhesion to the deck surface. Choosing Tecdeks will ensure that the look of your deck will remain long lasting and well bonded. Make sure your deck is made with the Tecdeks system and material profile.

Who makes them?

All Tecdeks are manufactured by Fabrication Services Ltd in UK and Distributed to Fitters. 

PVC Synthetic Teak Deck Fabrication

Deck Properties

Stain Resistant
Practically Maintenance Free.
Has Non – Slip Properties.
Fully UV stable.
Looks and Feels like Teak.


All the above materials can be fixed to almost any surface including GRP, Steel and Timber and all materials are impressively Non-Slip, even when wet. The material appearance of each of the above varies. 

Deck Panels are usually supplied from Professionally taken Templates to ensure that you receive a Bespoke Product for your Boat.

Panels and Guarantees

Synthetic Teak Panels are a superb alternative to Traditional Wood Teak. Your Deck will retain its classic looks for many years without the on-going maintenance of Teak Wood.

All PVC Synthetic Teak Decks are supplied with a 5 Year Warranty for peace of mind which covers the Deck Fabrication and Welding rather than just the material.