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Interior Vinyl and Snap-in Carpet

Soleboard Vinyl

 We can produce Soleboards by covering Sheet Marine Plywood or Eco Friendly alternative with a Marine Vinyl Surface Covering. 

Thickness 2 mm
Wearlayer thickness 0.7 mm
Roll Length x Width 25 m x 200 cm
Meets the requirements of EN-ISO 10582 & BS EN 13845
Total weight EN – ISO 23997 2.75 kg/m2
Dimension stability EN – ISO 23999 < 0.1%
Light fastness EN ISO 105 B-02 ≥6
Slip Resistance DIN 51130 R10
Resistance to chemicals EN-ISO 26987 Very good

Snap in Carpets

Snap in Carpets are cut to shape using a wide variety of available carpet materials based on the customers choice. Materials are cut to shape using templates supplied by a Fitter or boat manufacturer. Once cut to the required shape we can arrange binding and fit the snap poppers in appropriate positions. We supply carpets ready for fitters or DIY installation aboard all types of boats.