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Crianchi Boat Decking and Flooring Refurbishment

Decking and Flooring Overview

Cranchi was originally set up on the shore of Lake Como in Italy in 1866 and is a well known producer of luxury motorboats. The boats are renowned fore innovative style and quality. Most are fitted with exterior teak decks that eventually need replacing along with interior carpets. The customer is faced with the choice of replacing with expensive natural teak or using more readily available products. 

crianchi boat decking

Exterior Products

Exterior decking products considered to be good options are PVC synthetic teak. PVC synthetic teaks looks the most realistic when comparing with a natural teak deck but it is not the most environmentally friendly and does get hot to walk on. Cork composite is a completely natural product and is more pleasant to walk on and might be worthy of consideration in future.    

Interior flooring

The Crianchi typically has a bound carpet in the cabins. Teak Carpet, Vinyl, Woven Vinyl or Cork products for better sound insulation are worth looking ata. Cabin areas may be less important in terms of choosing a dedicated marine flooring product if they are not likely to get wet, damp or heavily exposed to UV sunlight.