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Composite Cork Material

Composite Cork is 100% natural product composed of a mixture of Cork Granules and Rubber which has been compressed into 11 metre x 1 metre sheets . The Sheets are machined with caulking grooves ready for caulking for use in the Marine and Leisure Industry. It is environmentally friendly and a sustainable alternative to PVC synthetic teak.

Material Properties

Composite Cork is a Non Slip Decking Product that is always comfortable to walk on in any weather.
The Panels are Stain Resistant and Practically Maintenance Free.
Fully UV stable.
Looks similar to Teak Decking.
IMO Certified
It is both Resistant to impact and Flexible to work with. Other beneficial properties include Thermal Insulation reducing condensation with in the Boat and Sound Insulation properties reducing that unwanted Engine Noise. The material is also Lightweight for easy transportatation.

Flooring Rolls

Composite Cork can be sold in sheets up to 11m long and 1 metre wide 6mm thick with the caulking grooves running the full length of the Roll. Each roll is 45 mm wide plank grooves with 5mm wide (total plank and caulking 50mm width like most teak decks)
We can despatch “Ready to Fit” CNC Cut Panels for Fitters. We take a Customer Supplied Template and CAD draw the outline before adding the required design. Designs can have border margins, logos or any bespoke requirement. Should you need advice in the fitting of our Decking Products then please contact us for assistance. The grooves are CNC cut to produce a ready to fit and caulk Deck Panel.