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Tecdeks Synthetic Teak Panels for Boats

manufactured by 

Beautiful Marine Floors



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What are Tecdeks?

Tecdeks are panels that are fitted to decks and floors of boats that replicate the look of a traditional wood teak deck. There are a variety of materials that can be used to produce Tecdeks including PVC Synthetic Teak, Floteak, Flotex and EVA foam. Raw materials for Tecdeks are supplid by Deckfab.


Who Makes Tecdeks?

All Tecdeks are produced “in house” by marine flooring specialists Beautiful Marine Floors Ltd. Their specialist decking and flooring products are used on vessels of all shapes and sizes. The same team have been making deck panels since they first appeared on the market over 15 years ago and they have been fabricating deck panels using all types of material. Whilst there have been changes in the marketing over the years – the fabricating team has remained fundamentally the same. Finally Beautiful Marine Floors are now producing deck panels under their own “Tecdeks” brand and have diversified into a more varied range of raw materials. 

Why Choose Tecdeks?


All Tecdeks are made by an experienced fabrication team. Welders with years of experience and who understand the importance of correct weld temperatures and speeds. Beautiful Marine Floors guarantee the panel and weld quality with a 5 year guarantee in line with typical PVC synthetic teak material manufacturers. An example of poor heat welding showing the seam weld parting after just a few years is shown here, most likely caused by incorrect weld temperature or welding at in correct speeds.

So by choosing Tecdeks you are getting the peace of mind that both the PVC Synthetic Teak material and the panel welding are of guaranteed quality from a highly experienced welder.